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SOCAGEX can deliver independent financial and economic studies based not only on quantitative modeling but also on the analysis of the micro- and macro-economy. One member of the team has an experience of more than 15 years in the financial field and he has worked as financial strategist inside the “Competence Center International” at the Banque Générale du Luxembourg SA.

The financial strategist of SOCAGEX is used to deliver in very short delay high level financial studies that can be used to support investment committee and portfolio managers.

He was consultant at Bloomberg and familiar with database such as Datastream, so he can extract information, analyse, compile and deliver tailor-made documents.

Depending on the quality and language of the datafeed, all the main financial products and markets can be covered by the qualitative analysis. 

The following financial products can be covered:

* stocks;
* bonds (government, corporate);
* options/warrants/rights (listed, OTC);
* funds (listed/traded on exchange);
* interest rates;
* currencies;
* commodities (soft, hard, live, precious);
* other investable assets.

For each country, a top level analysis can be performed and depending on the datafeed, the strategist can analyse the main economic drivers, sectors, and companies.

For the main countries, the study can include very specific analysis, a full top-down or bottom-up approach analysis.

SOCAGEX can help you by writing the management report can then be delivered to management companies.